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About Aurora Investing

Aurora Investing is the brain child of the founder Todd Radus. At the time Todd had several years’ experience in doing home repairs, private insurance adjusting and 25 years of management experience in several industries.

Most notably he was an area manager running up to 17 parking garages in Philadelphia PA. This was his first exposure to cash flow properties on a professional level. In that position he worked with the company to develop bids on garages and restaurant operations for valet services. During his time there he learned how to both calculate the profitability of a location and negotiate property leases to ensure the contracts were profitable for the company he worked for.

Taking that experience he then worked as a private insurance adjuster, ensuring home owners were properly compensated by insurance companies. Seeing a need for basic repairs in many homes he started his own home repair business to gain even more experience in pricing out property repairs and executing those repairs.
Todd then bought his first fix property. Then moved on to a multi-unit rental property and found he loves the game of real estate. He then bought another multi-unit house. Needing to move closer to NYC for his wife’s career but not wanting to leave PA he found a property that suited all his and his wife’s needs. The unit has a 1 bedroom rental, an office space which houses Aurora Investing’s Office and a commercial business building in which his wife’s business is run from. His own home is now paid for by his wife’s business, his business and the rental creating an asset rather than a liability.

Todd has also worked deals using creative financing. These include Rent To Own/Lease Options and Owner Financing when using a traditional bank loan just isn't an option.

If you need someone who thinks outside the box, knows how to make deals, sees the strengths and weaknesses of both sides and knows how to bring them together for a fair deal. Todd is the man you need to see.
Aurora Investing considers every one of their clients to be a partner in their business. Without buyers, sellers and investors we would have no business. Our goal is to provide the best service we can so our clients leave the table happy with our services.

While Todd is the primary person you will deal with, his wife, fellow wholesalers and partner investors are the heart of his business. Without them, there would be no Aurora Investing.

If you have a property you need to sell or want to have your name on our investor list please contact us and take your place among the partners in our company.

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